Jamaican Recipies

I have traveled all over the world in the last ten years. After eating in numerous Caribbean countries and the top big countries known for their food, I now definitely have a top 3. Chinese, Jamaican, and Trini food, but what I will be sharing with you today is what I found in Jamaica.

Jamaican Okra Punch

Okra Punch is a Jamaican recipe which uses Okras of all thing to help boost potency. I have heard many stories about how kids came to be after using this recipe. I won’t share the actual Jamaican Okra Punch recipe but feel free to try it out on your own accord.

Jamaican Curry Chicken

Curry chicken is a known dish worldwide, but each country does theirs a bit differently. Curry is especially prevalent in India and does not misunderstand me for strictly curries, then India is the way to go. But Jamaican Curry Chicken is something to behold. It’s smooth, silky, and full of heat! The Jamaicans add a special ingredient that is shared in the recipe.

original Jamaican curry chicken recipe
original Jamaican curry chicken recipe

Jamaican Festival

The ultimate side dish for all cuisine is the Jamaican Festival recipe. The recipe one again is below. Do you know how in Italian cuisine, how most meals are accompanied by bread? Or how in India naan is paired with curries? Well, festivals are the Jamaican equivalent to that. These savory little bites of joy can be paired with an infinite number of sauces and dishes. The Curry chicken mentioned above is another excellent pairing.

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